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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 11, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 news in hd. >> let's get to our top stories in a minute, but first we will check with john collins. >> it is chile. it is autumn-like. autumn is not start for a few
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more weeks. we did have a little chill this morning. the skies cleared out. look to the west. there is quite a bit of rain in eastern kentucky and tennessee, moving out of illinois. that is ahead of a cool front. that cool front has a lot of moisture in front of it. it is coming our way. it is a good thing. we could use some rain. not a great thing, because it is a weekend. we will try to split the weekend 50/50. it is all coming up. >> thank you. today marks the 9 -- the ninth anniversary of the september a lot of terrorist attacks. >> there has been controversy of the planned islamic center near
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ground zero, and the plan burden of the koran. >> despite a heated debate over a proposed mosque and flans by a for the tester to burn copies of the koran, today, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremonies in new york, virginia, and pennsylvania pay tribute to the victims killed when terrorists hijacked four commercial planes. in lower manhattan, 9/11 families gather at the park adjacent to ground zero. the names of victims will be read throughout the morning. four moments of silence will mark the times each plane had, and each tower fell. vice-president joe biden is attending. at the pentagon, president obama
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participated in a wreath laying ceremony. in pennsylvania, were united flight 93 crash, first lady michelle obama and laura bullish attend a ceremony. plans to improve at ground zero are moving forward. it is scheduled to be completed by 2013. with each step forward, there remains a connection to the test -- steel beams pulled from the rubble or permanently installed this week at the museum, slated to be finished in 2012. >> it will be a memorial that we will all be proud of and inspire people around the world. >> and always remind them never to forget. tonight, was always -- was also become a tradition -- twin beams in eliminating the sky.
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>> that her attacks stand as a moment in history that no one will ever forget. the lasting images makes that impossible. we asked students about what they remember. >> all we knew but said they brought everyone outside and told us we would go home early. >> i remember seeing my teacher crime in, and she does not -- she did not explain why. >> she did not let me see it, but she said this is what things can get escalated to its problems are not soft. >> the students we spoke with were in the first, second, and third grade on september 11. the search continues this morning for an escaped inmate. a 32-year-old and it escapes from the central district of
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friday afternoon. he was being held on an attempted murder charge. >> he complained of a hand injury. detectives brought him into the lobby and he was able to escape and flee from police custody. >> he has five full-time, and weighs about 1 85 pounds. >> opening statements in the murder trial of former councilmember ken harr are set for mondayis . prosecutors will try to prove that he was killed by three men who were robbing a night, -- a night club. >> one of the issues was a large amount of publicity that went along with the case. one of the questions was, if you know about the case, can you still be fair? it took as long as it took for us to get 12 people and four
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alternates to put aside a bit in the new, and still be fair. gary collins, charles mcganey and jerome williams are accused of the murder. a jury of 12 people and four alternates will now hear the case. the jury makeup -- 8 african- american women, three african- american men, and one white male. >> baltimore city is predominantly african american. that tends to happen during jury selection. i think only two or three african american people were being stricken. >> we are begin -- we are eager for the trial to start. >> barry simms, wbal tv.
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>> said the police say two troops had -- troopers had no water balloons from at them by that teenage star. >> we have obtained video. >> according to police, the video is of the team since sensation before his state fair performance. he ran up to a maryland state trooper and threw a water balloon. in all, two troopers were hit by balloons. in the video, you can hear someone in the background say all call you are going to get locked up caracol -- "you are going to get locked up." second-degree assault charges are likely -- are possible, but not likely. >> my experience tells me that anybody, a celebrity or
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otherwise, through a water balloon and hit a police officer, there are probably in for a talking to, and some yelling at, but i would be surprised if they are actually prosecuted. >> he performed before a sold- out crowd the night the video was shot. the story has been reported on the entertainment sites since wbal first covered the story yesterday. representatives for the singer made no comment. >> my guess is they will not prosecute any more or less because of low he is. technically, it is up crime, but for most people is just a childish, stupid prank. >> state police are not and then sit -- investigating the incident, they only say there are gathering information.
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we asked our viewers, and 78% say he should face chargers. >> is one of the things where you would like to know what happened before the incident. there is probably more to the store. >> maybe he will call us later. >> sure, we are on a first name basis. still ahead, dr. tim hammonds joins us -- dr. kim hammond joins us to answer your pet questions. >> at the moment, the sun is shining. that will not be the case all w.
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with john collins. >> the sun is out. that you look to the west, and we look to that from our radar,
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there is some reign of terror. it is not an immediate threat, but it will effect our weekend. the cool front is crossing the mississippi river from iowa, into illinois and wisconsin. ahead of it is the rain activity. some of it is as far east as southwest virginia. it is more of a tomorrow thing. here is the morning of view. only a couple of wisps of clouds. 57 at the airport. 62 at the inner harbor. humidity is 81%. it is normally high in the morning. it will try off in the morning. the barometer is rising. high pressure is the covenant whether feature. that means no rain.
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today, the predominant breeze will be from the southeast. 18 days without any measurable rain through yesterday. today is 19. it depends whether we get rain before midnight. the last measurable rainfall was august 23. there were a couple of days since where we had a trace, but that is not measurable. we are really dry, and really could use some rain. annapolis is at 63 degrees. cambridge the same. 59 on the boardwalk. westminster is 55. frederick is at 54. still in the 40's in far western maryland. here you can see the clair air reaching down into the mid- atlantic. -- the cooler air reaching down into the mid-atlantic. you see a warming trend out to the west.
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here are the clouds. a couple of clouds developing in pennsylvania and far western maryland. a few might drift in through the day. nice weather until the front comes in, which is scheduled for tomorrow. we see the changes occurring later today and tonight. today, a lot of sunshine. seasonably warm. southeast winds are at 7 to 10 miles an hour. the heights marl is 76. on-again and off-again rain showers. the one shot of rain on sunday, then another shot of rain at the end of the week. >> the annual dragon vote racing is far more than a -- than an athletic contest. >> it is ashley a fund-raiser. buddy emerson sr. is joining us
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live with details. good morning. >> good morning, ladies. is a beautiful day. >> this happens every other year, correct? >> this is our seventh. we have every two years. we have 27 teams with 22 members per boat. it is really a wonderful wonderful event. this for -- it is for our many clients we served. it is a wonderful opportunity to say thank you, baltimore. >> it looks like we have an option b to c l race get started. how the races work? today, toll on all day? >> we have a bankers challenge
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to go on -- going on right now. you'll see teams from all over. there are a great number of employees. some people actually paddle, and some just support. families come up throughout the day he entered it is a family event. >> can you tell us very quickly what is happening at 12:20 p.m. with the mayor? >> we have a special event to celebrate 9/11. the mayor will be lead in that event, and she will also be paddling hear kurt >> good for her. >> sielaff for being our media spots appeared >> our pleasure. >> a nice day for that. >> up next back -- , the the better business bureau selects
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nine businesses. >> later, we are in the garden to show you how to harvest your vegetables and herbs, and what you can plan this fall. >> dr. kim hammond his hit to answer your pet questions with a new puppy.
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>> it is 8:19. it is 67 degrees. in the past three years, more than 53,000 customers have complained to the better
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business bureau about satellite television providers. what are some of these big complaints? >> can you believe how many? they are primarily around dish and direct tv. the complaints chanter -- center around cancellation problems. the fees can be as much as $600. the next are the introductory offers. you can get socked in because they are not delivered. next, billing issues -- 0, my goodness. there are issues about people getting billed for movies that they did not watch. i talked to a young man who was billed two hundred $50 of pay- per-view he never watched.
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service issues, and what happens is people will operate, i get more premium channels, and all of a sudden they are locked into another contract. >> what can people do? >> if you are listening to a sales representative, make sure it is all in writing. read the contract. once you sign it, you are locked in. filed a complaint. if they have a problem, they need to file a complaint. >> you are getting a lot of frustration. >> a lot of frustration. the multiple times it takes to call. the length of time it takes to call. we tell people to know what you are getting into. check your bill every month. if you have problems, try to work through it. >> nothing can get you from 0-60
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faster than not having your complaints heard. >> there is some good news. >> we have our porch award. -- torch award. we are looking at the ethics and integrity of companies. we're looking at their customer service, their responsiveness -- giving back to the community. we are looking at those businesses as the cream of the crop. we have nine finalists and we will award the when -- the winners. >> let's show you the finalists. they worked so hard to get this recognition. what would a company need to do to be recognized? >> they said that their applications in january. it is a long reach a submit
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their applications in january. it is a la -- de some that their applications in january. it is a long process. we will look at their contracts. we really want businesses to rise to the top in ethics, integrity, and performance. >> it is absolute evidence that you are listening to complaints. for anyone who has a complaint, what would you urge them to do? >> first of all, talk to the business. if you do not get resolution, contact the better business bureau. we are a third-party intermediary. our job is to resolve that dispute so the consumer will stay with that business and the business will be able to grow their customer base. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> do not go away. dr. kim hammond will answer your pet questions when we come back.
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first, the events going on around town.
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>> live, from television held in baltimore, wbal 11 his continues. >> welcome back. joining us now is dr. kim hammond and a new puppy. >> this is talker.
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he is an eight-week old miniature poodle. this is my own dog. >> this is your own dog? >> it is a very manly dog. >> it kept you up all night? >> that is not true. it kept my wife and her twin sister of on light. i slept in the other room. it is a beautiful puppy. when we tell people about purchasing copies, we want to make sure you to your home or -- puppies, but we want to make sure you do your homework. find a animal that really needs a home, but i have to tell you, this is a special one. this is spread by a local trader. -- breeder.
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it is just the love. i am a big fan and of little) big german shepherds. >> what a difference. on to some questions. i have an outdoor cat that has some bad cops. it seems to respond to antibiotics and it comes back right away. >> that is an interesting question. we actually had a similar case. a collapse track yet, your windpipe, does not occur often in cats. the fact that it responds to antibiotics makes me wonder if there is something in that the trachea. i would recommend getting another opinion. a collapsed trachea, per say, will not respond to antibiotics.
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>> so antibiotics do not have much to do with the mechanics. what about dogs? can it be a taller issue? >> that happens a lot in dogs. now, there is a surgery where they can put a stent in the trachea to keep the open. >> is easier to put a harness on the dog? >> i never use a caller on a little dog. >> or any dog. >> once you break the trachea ranks, you are dead. >> my dog has just spent four days of up to an ivy. now he has liver damage. heat 818 pieces of icebreakers of icebreakers. none of my friends have ever heard about this.
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>> it turns out that sugarless gums has a toxin in it to dogs. it mimics the insolent, and can throw these dogs into a massive problem. it can get hyperglycemia, and killed the dog. sugarless gum is bad for dogs. >> in other words, keep track of all of us next -- all of the snacks. >> absolutely. >> be forewarned. thank you for joining
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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 news saturday morning, he and hd. >> welcome back. thank you for joining us. >> will get to our top stories in a moment, but first let's take a look ed outside with john -- let's take a look outside with john. >> we have have several myspace in a row. it is a chilly start to the morning. we have something out west. for some of you, it might be nice. there are a lot of green plants. mime, especially my tomato plants are starting to look raggedy.
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the solution to that is out to the west, and the storm system. the front is moving across the mississippi river valley. it is a weekend, i realize, but we are way short of rain. it is not totally bad news. we will split the week and 50/50, and give you details. >> federal officials contend -- continue an investigation into a deadly explosion in san francisco that set off a fire that destroyed dozens of homes. at least four people died. city leaders have called for a town hall meeting to help residents start the healing process. in colorado, thousands of people have returned to their homes. nearly 1000 firefighters are working to rein in a wild fire.
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about 2000 people in areas that did not burn were cleared to return home. another 1000 are waiting to get back. at least 169 homes have been destroyed. >> west baltimore pogo highway to know where it will soon be no more. demolition started friday. officials said the demolition will lead to better traffic flow and revitalize some communities. we have that story. >> this is the first step to bringing down the massive concrete known as "the highway to nowhere. it was constructed in the 1970's. >> for my entire life, it has been an unfortunate part of west
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baltimore's landscape. it divided communities, and put a hold to the progress in once promising neighborhoods. >> now, the concrete will start to come down, and remove the barrier. >> the story of the new beginning is really a story of communities coming back together, moving maryland forward by becoming better connected. >> once the concrete comes down, the ground will be leveled -- leavened -- leveled. it will extend the parking lot for the west baltimore train station. >> with a work complete, we can begin the new red line effort in earnest. it will create jobs for residents and spur development. >> the work as possible with federal money and the dedication of committee members who kept on fighting. >> this is only the beginning.
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we will take one step at a time, block-by-block, as we yes -- as we are determined to improve our community. >> the entire project should be completed by the fall of 2012. for more information, visit our website, he >> still ahead, tips to keep your vegetable garden thriving. >> halt a little gold until could help you keep more of your
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast but john collins. >> we started the morning at 52. we are beginning to climb. readings are moving into the 60's. with the sunshine, there is no
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rain around us. it is just beginning to come into southwest virginia -- a few showers. the main body is moving out of illinois and into indiana. that is the head of a cold front that will come in and increase our rain chances through the weekend. that is good. we do need the rain. it is bad because it is a weekend, but at this stage, we would rather have the rain. there is the sunshine. 57 at the airport. 64 at the inner harbor. 81% is the humidity. at the moment, the winds are calmed. but her greens are in the 50's and the 60's around the -- the current readings are in the 50's and the 60's around the area.
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it will be warmer than yesterday, partly because we will see a little more sunshine. we warm up during the day today. it will be very nice for a while. the latest satellite image shows some clouds off to our west and southwest. we might see some scattered clouds again set, but it will be awhile before the rain can move in with this bay area of high pressure. during the day today, a mix of sunshine and clouds. seasonably warm, upper 70's to around 80. we are at the peak of the hurricane season. there is some activity out there. tropical storm igor is in the
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atlantic ocean. there is also a disturbance in the caribbean, south of pr. that could develop. our satellite picture cannot see it well, but there is another wave coming off of the african coast that could be an issue down the road. our forecast calls for the rain to come in later tonight and move out of the area tomorrow afternoon. our forecast doesn't include a chance for some rain, -- does include a chance for some rain, but mostly tomorrow. it is basically tried next week, until we hit the end of the week. friday, into saturday, we could see another chance for rain. >> more and more studies show
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the benefits of taking the vitamin d three supplements. research shows it could prevent talk not to a decline in the elderly. here is donna hamilton. >> most of us would like to be as it in shape as this woman. she walks vigorously every day. she does 30 minutes of yoga every day. she goes hiking in the woods on the weekends. she is 79. you take your health very seriously. >> yes. that is one of my main objectives at this point in my life. he also follows a healthy diet and takes vitamin d three. >> more recently, there appears to be compelling evidence that perhaps vitamin d is important in maintaining competent and
8:43 am
brain function. >> she found her levels were lowered the retirement community begin testing. >> it was only 32 or 31, so the doctor and died a priest to increase it. i am up to 5000 -- the doctor and i decided to increase it. i am actually up to 5000 units. >> i take that too. meanwhile, she does everything she can to stay healthy and independent. >> you get opera. you do not just take the pill and sit on the couch. you have to be active. >> dr. white joins us now with more information. i have to ask you, it is the
8:44 am
popular vitamin these days, the one we are hearing the most about. why so? >> we have had a lot of studies that show that it is really important in helping the skeletal system. there have been a lot of studies that show it decreases the risk of falls and fractures. most recently, we have studies come out that show vitamin d deficiency might be related to cognitive decline. >> we also hear it is good for blood pressure and all kinds of things occurred >> that is correct. if you have become not and not 3 -- can you get from eating vitamin rich foods? >> there are many ways.
8:45 am
the primary way is from exposure to the sun. there are foods, all lots of studies have shown that in healthy individuals who exercise regularly and eat well, they are deficient. it appears we do not have enough exposure to the sun, which is really the primary form and the supplementation in foods is just not enough. >> that is interesting. we do not get enough, yet we are always pushing sunscreen. if people are out there -- is being out there just enough? how does it work? >> in terms of sun exposure, the sunscreen itself does not take away the absorption of vitamin d. the issue is the amount of time we have lived in our lifestyle
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to be exposed to direct sunlight. -- living at our lifestyle to be exposed to direct sunlight. >> thank you. up next, we are in the garden. see how to harvest your veggies. you can plant some things for the fall, but first, last night of the winning lottery numbers. -- night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. with the challenge in the air, you might be thinking about your fall planting.
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we are here to help. great to have you here. we are focusing on the vegetable garden. >> i have some great tips to transition your vegetable and herb garden. we will talk about ways to preserve your herbs. >> let's start with tomatoes. >> september is national organic garden harvest month. our summer edges are still thriving. we have some tomatoes as well as some chocolate peppers. now is the time to start planting your fall vegetables. a lot of people think your vegetables are done in the summer, but that is not true. there are a lot of vegetables that are great to start now. >> you can plant right now, but you do not need to dig up what is in your vegetable garden.
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>> you can do it in pots. i have this tale. it is called dinosaur cal. what a great way to get kids to try their vegetables. fill the pot with half compost and half, the mix. you can sprinkle the seats on top, cover it with another level of the -- layer of soil, water it, place it in the sun, and water it again when it is dry to the touch. the great thing is they love the cool weather the current >> just use what you have at home. >> a absolutely. this might take a couple of months to grow, but it has a mild flavor. it is great for soups. with issues like child of the
8:51 am
city, we need to bring in -- with childhood obesity, we need to bring in some of these. >> the stuff can go in after a freeze? >> it can. there is a floating row cover. you can look at online. >> here is a problem. a lot of folks plant herds, and they do not know how to drive them. >> i do. -- i have some tips. you can tighten it a little bit. what you want to do is keep it in a cool, dry place. this is a jewelry hang there. you can put them on a regular hang there, and the back of the door. it will take about two weeks. when they are dry and brittle, take off the leaves, cut them in a jar, and you can preserve them for all year.
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>> today, and you're talking about vegetables. what about flowers? >> i like to wait until october, even into november. that is a great family planting activity. >> no need to panic, no need to rush everything. right now, focus on your vegetables and herbs. >> get the kids involved. >> where can we find you? >> you can check out our vegetable diet and -- garden guide. >> thank you for information. >> thank you. >> i am pete gilbert. coming up in sports, a great friday
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> we are into week three of the high school football season. the level is pretty much mid- season. we have in eastern tech played host to hereford. eastern tech was up 14-0. hereford got back into it. look at him get outside and go. 14-7. the rally continues. who attacked him tap dancing
8:56 am
down the sideline and then he turns on the jets. hereford completes the rally in overtime, knocking them off 17- 14. is aersey's best nationally ranked. they actually won a national championship. you can see why. from his two, he ran over the defense. a 98-yard touchdown. the ironman and front, a 26- nothing. there was something in the fourth quarter. but they were looking every bit like a national champion. in anne arundel county, a defensive struggle. no score, not the prettiest of passes, but is effected.
8:57 am
45 yards. try to capitalize on the drive, again going deep, but he is all dueled. gives a plenty of size, but earns the interception. enough with the passing. to that time, the five, and two fumbles that the one. -- to the time, the five, and fumbles that the one. archbishop curry -- are nice little touch. rumble says william for 20 yards. seven-nothing. -- grumbles his way in for 20 yards. 7-0.
8:58 am
here is a turnover. a bad idea on the option. that lands into his hands. he is in for the easy 6. 21-7 is the final. for more on friday night's games, log onto extra points, at also, of the baltimore orioles very impressive against the detroit tigers. they won it, 6-3. we'll see you back here tonight. >> football weather occurred >> it was cool this morning. sunshine today, rain tomorrow. we need the rain. >> thank you for join us. by the white, the chocolate peppers did not taste like chocolate.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be


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